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Here is a cartographic overview of our customers, for all sectors of activity:

Knowledge is Power!

Groupe PG Offers integrated, evolving solutions for its customers. These solutions provide managers with the tools they need to control operating costs and support the decision-making process.

Groupe PG is well-established in Québec, and is also present in Ontario, Maine  (United States)  and Finland.

Our mission: To facilitate your operations and decisions

At Groupe PG, we believe that Knowledge is Power. Evolving information technology (IT) needs are key to the smooth flow of operations and good strategic decisions in businesses and organizations alike. That is why we offer leading-edge products, technologies and services to all our customers, and maintain a relationship of trust that is so essential to success.

Groupe PG: An ongoing story

1980  Founding of the company

Programmation Gagnon was founded by Thomas Gagnon to develop management software applications for Québec’s municipal, corporate and forestry sectors.

2004 - Creation of PGSCF

Transfer of forestry-related activities to this new organization. PG Solutions corporatives & forestières (PG Corporate and Forestry Solutions)  was created to offer advanced software solutions to forest sector companies.

2007 A new start

Pascal Gagné acquired PGSCF with a view to growing the company into a leading supplier of integrated ERP software solutions.

2009 A new image

The company’s image was refashioned and a new slogan was chosen: Knowledge is Power! These three words truly translate the company’s vision and serve as guidelines for our product development process.

2010 - Acquisition and growth

The company began to form Groupe PG.
It acquired rights over some Exact Modus applications, becoming the largest supplier of integrated management solutions for the forest industry in Eastern Canada, with more than 140 customers in Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Maine (United States).

2012 - A major investment

Groupe PG invested $1.3 million in timber supply integration and the development of a new inventory and billing system to optimize mass/volume management system integration.

2015-2016 - Acquisitions

Groupe PG acquired Système B.C.B.F. Inc., which was specialized in software development and the sale, repair, maintenance and certification of scales. During the same period, Groupe PG acquired ÉVO Technologique.

Today - Groupe PG looks to the future

Strengthened by its values and mission, and by its highly skilled team, Groupe PG looks forward to a promising future, not only for existing markets but also for future development projects.

Groupe PG invests in 4.0

In May 2019, Groupe PG announced a major investment that will take its solutions towards 4.0. Specifically, the purpose of the investment is to connect forests to mills, so that our customers can:

  • improve supply predictability
  • enhance their own and their partners’ operational efficiency

Through this investment, Groupe PG has become, more than ever before, a leading agent of change and has clearly signalled its commitment to the forest industry.

2019-2020 - Acquisitions of Promotek assets

Groupe PG acquired a significant portion of the Promotek assets. This company specialized in visual recognition and technological solutions required to estimate the quantities of substances extracted from quarries and sandpits. This combination of expertise and ideas is a logical extension of Groupe PG's vision: to consolidate its position as a leader in mass/volume evaluation, while diversifying its service offering.


The Conseil de l’industrie forestière (CIFQ)

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Groupe PG has been an associate member of the Conseil de l’industrie forestière (Québec’s forestry board, CIFQ) since 1993. The CIFQ celebrated Groupe PG’s 25-year membership at its 2018 congress.

The Fédération québécoise des coopératives forestières (FQCF)

Federation quebecoise des cooperatives forestieres

The FQCF is the federation of Québec’s forestry cooperatives. It has roots in all Québec’s forestry regions. For forestry workers, it provides a sense of ownership of their own future and that of their communities. The FQCF’s mission is to establish a framework for cooperative development, create stable, fulfilling jobs for members of the forest cooperative network, and foster business survival and development.

The FORAC Research Consortium

FORAC couleur fr

Groupe PG is a member of the FORAC research consortium. FORAC is the product of a partnership between forest product industry stakeholders (Université Laval, companies and governments). Its members are from the forestry, industrial and mechanical engineering, computer, software engineering and administrative sectors.