June 2020 – Concerned about the public health of its community, Groupe PG has implemented preventive measures to counter the risks of COVID-19 spread. We therefore follow the recommendations preconized by governments in order to protect our clientele and our staff.

Following recent announcements, we have initiated a gradual return of our resources within our offices, while respecting the principles of social distancing as well as individual and collective hygiene measures.

In order to offer you the same usual service, our team members have developed with confidence and agility, ways to continue to support you in your daily operations. Our professionals are at your disposal to ensure that your objectives are met.

Yours truly,

Pascal Gagné | CEO

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May 2019 – Groupe PG is proud to announce an investment of more than $3.5 million dollars that will be used to propel its products towards Forestry 4.0. 

Basically, 4.0 is being described as the next technological revolution, characterized by intelligent automation and new technological solutions for a variety of sectors. 

Groupe PG’s new investment will significantly improve the management of logging activities and forest-to-mill transportation. It will also allow for better exchanges of information between industry actors, helping them to save time, money and energy. 

The investment, spread over the next 30 months, will improve supply predictability by establishing mill-to-forest equipment connectivity and will incorporate artificial intelligence into certain steps of the process.

Ultimately, tasks will be automated and duplicate inputs of information on forest supplies will be eliminated, significantly improving the efficiency, effectiveness, agility, strategic decision-making and competitive capacity of the forest industry as a whole. 


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